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STAYING IN THE FLORIDA KEYS: The 10 Latest and Most Luxe 

A famous destination for party animals and water bugs, the Florida Keys also weaves luxury into its reputation for renegade. Since railroad mogul Henry Flagler’s turn-of-the-century Casa Marina in Key West, guests have found oases of pampering throughout the islands. The tradition continues as new and newly remastered luxury hotels blossom like the islands’ candy-colored hibiscus. The list would include Marker Key West, Hotel Key West, NYAH, The Perry, Ocean’s Edge Key West, Hawks Cay, Cheeca Lodge, Playa Largo, H2O Suites, and others.


SHADES OF VALENTINE’S DAY: The Islands’ Best Pink Beaches

Some Caribbean islands wear their hearts on their sleeve when it comes to the color of their beaches. Crushed seashells and microscopic creatures turn the sands of certain beaches pink enough to elicit a romance all their own. Harbour Island in the Bahama’s Eleuthera chain may be the most famous, second only to Bermuda, not technically Caribbean, but often lumped with the region. Other pink beaches carpet parts of St. Lucia and Barbados, the little isle of Barbuda at certain times of year, another south-lying beach on Eleuthera, Bavaro Beach in the DR, and Pink Beach on Bonaire.


Conchservation intiative launches in the Bahamas

Conch is more than a food to the Bahamians. It’s an icon of a way-of-life and their culture. They have, in the past, visibly bristled when someone suggested they honor a season or lessen their consumption. But now the Bahamas National Trust is going to them – the fishermen, the restaurateurs, the home cooks – to solicit their help in gaining the science needed to preserve conch supplies for the future.

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